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Local architect leading with transitions in living space

In Arcadia, neighborhoods are dominated by traditional, ranch-style houses, with a scattering of contemporary homes providing the occasional contrast. The differentiating factor between a ranch house and other types, such as contemporary, is the shape of the roof. “With the contemporary [homes], there are more clean and horizontal elements, and with the traditional [homes], there are steeper, pitched roofs,” says Mark Candelaria, award-winning architect and owner of Candelaria Design Associates, and long-time homebuilder in Arcadia.

Because the traditional ranch style is becoming dated, many homeowners have begun to crave a new, more daring look. This “transitional-style” look varies slightly from the ranch-style houses while still based on the outline of a ranch house. Transitional houses are generally traditional houses with contemporary elements among their amenities and features. Some elements that denote a transitional house are lighter color choices, numerous windows and glass, and the ranch-style pitched roof. “All ages like the transitional style because it’s comfortable yet it’s a little more upscale and contemporary,” says Candelaria.

Contrasts between a traditional and transitional home may sound minor, but they make all the difference. “The outcome of the house really depends on the details of it,” says Candelaria.

Candelaria Design Associates
6900 E. Camelback Rd., Scottsdale
(602) 604-2001

Pictures provided by Candelaria Design Associates


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